Who We Are

Destination 219 is an Educational Consultancy that helps guide the next generation of Student-Athletes into scholarship opportunities across the United States. The aims and goals for Destination 219 are to provide the best service and in turn, opportunities for sportsmen and women looking to pursue their academic and athletic desires in the United States. 

We are founded and built by ex Student-Athletes who have taken the same steps along the exact journey that our clients will be taking through our specialised guidance. From just learning about the ‘American Dream’ to participating in NCAA final four tournaments, our founders have experience at every step. Our aim now is to guide, and mentor the next generation and beyond of Student- Athletes to pursue their own American Dream. 

At Destination 219 we pride ourselves on fully submerging into both the process and life of our Student-Athletes. We know that coaches don't just recruit good Student-Athletes, they want good people to join their athletic program and university. This is a big reason why we get to know each and every athlete that we represent, making the placement into these top universities much easier. 


Why choose Destination 219?

Our services

Everyone working at Destination 219 has been through the whole process so has in depth knowledge and personal experiences of going to the states. As a company we have thousands of contacts with coaches and universities across the United States, making sure that we find the perfect scholarship for you. We offer a personal service where our clients are not just a number.

Why the name 'Destination 219'

Story behind the name

‘Why Destination 219?’ This a question we hear quite often and each time we explain the story it brings back great memories for us. Our founders attended the University of Charleston, WV. In their final year at the University they shared an apartment and the number on the door was ‘219’. The process of building any company the name can sometimes be difficult, but for us, this was the easiest decision.


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