Being a Student-Athlete

To become, sustain and develop as a Student- Athlete, having the right mentality is probably one of the most important traits. Being a Student- Athlete is like having a full time job, from the classroom to the sports field your schedule is full. This is something that you will need to be prepared for. From when you first step foot on campus right up until the day you graduate, you will be challenged, pushed, and relied upon. Being able to perform under pressure is something S

Soccer Away game

26 Hours before kick off: 12pm: Meet in the team office for a team meeting ahead of the upcoming away game. Would spend around 45 minutes going through some footage, tactics and strategy ahead of the game. 1pm: Pre-Match training session, this is normally a much lighter session compared to regular training sessions. The team lineup would be announced before the session starts, the session would be based around team shape and tactics so each player would know their exact job w


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