Our Process

The plan to get you onto your American Dream


Our Process

Here is a quick breakdown to show how we turn your American dream into reality.


Initial assessment of applications and invitation to one of our trial days where athletic ability will also be assessed. We will also assess applicants academic ability. 


Prospective Student-Athletes commit to signing a contract to be exclusively represented by Destination 219. For this stage we also require the attendance of parent and/or guardian.  

Profile Building

Bringing together our clients Athletic and Academic abilities through video and SAT results to showcase to American coaches and Universities.

Decision Time 

Receiving scholarship offers on behalf of our clients. Then guiding, advising and brokering the deal for our client to commit and sign with a University and their Athletic program. 


With the use of their newly signed contract and University documents. We then guide and advise our client on the Visa process to be a legal F-1 Student Visa holder. This visa grants access to the United States through their University Career. 

Final Steps

Being able to guide our client through the remaining time and steps to make sure they are 100% ready for life as a Student- Athlete. Providing a personalised fitness program to help prepare. 


This is something Destination 219 feels strongly about, being ready and available for a chat throughout the Student- Athletes whole time in the United States. From the first day on campus right up to graduation day, we will be a part of the process at each step. 


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