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All of the team at Destination 219 have first hand experience of life in the United States on a sports scholarship. We also know from personal experience the journey our parents went on while we were out in the United States. This move is probably just as important for the parents as it is the Student-Athlete. So as much support and guidance as we give our athletes we offer the same to the parents of our athletes. Answering all of your questions, handling any worries you may have, or just being someone to talk to. 

We know each athlete is different and has their own expectations and needs from a sports scholarship. Whether this be ability, personality or financial. This is why during our introduction stage is so important, finding out as much information about our athlete as possible. This gives us the best chance to secure the right scholarship for the athlete. When the athlete begins to receive scholarship offers we will assist and give advice when comparing the different Universities, and sports programmes. Once a scholarship offer has been accepted, we then assist with student visa applications, making sure the athlete has everything prepared before they step foot onto the flight. 

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