A day in the life: Soccer in season

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

A day in the life of a Student- Athlete will of course vary depending on which program, school, and division you are playing in but this is generally the day in the life of a soccer player during their fall season.

7:20am: Wake up, shower, get ready for morning classes. Have breakfast in the apartment or go across to the food facility on campus to grab some breakfast before class.

8-8:50am: First Class of the day.

9-9:50am: Second Class of the day.

10am: Head to the coffee or break area to grab a quick refreshment before the next class.

10:30am- 12pm: Third class of the day.

12pm: Would normally be in class with a couple of teammates, so would walk across to the food facility on campus to grab some lunch and just have general chat about the day so far and anything else that is going on at the moment.

12:45pm: Head back over to the apartment to have some down time before practice. This would be just to play FIFA with some other teammates and just have general banter around the apartment before practice.

1:45pm: Get ready for practice and leave the apartment heading over to meet the rest of the team and coaching staff in the Soccer designated office.

2-2:30pm: Team meeting, this would be where you would have a 30 minute meeting about the last game, upcoming game and how practice would be that day. The coaching staff demand the highest of levels day in, day out.

2:30pm: Leave for practice, depending on where the training fields are this will either be by team bus or walk across campus to the training facility.

2:45-5pm: Practice

5:15pm: Arrive back on campus after practice, head back to the apartment to shower and start preparing some food for the evening. Can either cook for yourself in the apartment or take a trip across to the food facility for some freshly prepared food.

6:30-8pm: Head back to the apartment or library to complete any outstanding homework or prepare for any upcoming tests.

8:15-10:30pm: Spend time with friends, teammates and on facetime to friends and family at home. Use this time to relax and unwind after your day and just hang out playing video games and having a laugh with teammates.

11pm: Bed time, ready for another day, ready to chase greatness once again.

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