Being a Student-Athlete

To become, sustain and develop as a Student- Athlete, having the right mentality is probably one of the most important traits. Being a Student- Athlete is like having a full time job, from the classroom to the sports field your schedule is full. This is something that you will need to be prepared for. From when you first step foot on campus right up until the day you graduate, you will be challenged, pushed, and relied upon. Being able to perform under pressure is something Student- Athletes get used to and thrive under. Whether that be in the classroom taking an exam or on the soccer field taking the winning penalty for the team, being able to perform under any kind of pressure is something you will become accustomed to. 

Of course being a Student-Athlete comes with great responsibility but it also comes with great pride and achievement. This can come from your in class achievements, on the field success or helping to support the community around you. Whatever your specialized sport you will be joining a team of other Student-Athletes which could be from all four corners of the globe. These people will become your family away from home, they will be there with you through the good and bad times. Your teammates become friends for life, and the people you will probably experience the best days of your life with. 

Being a College athlete comes with pressures and expectations but you won't be short of down time and travelling during your time in the United States. The travelling aspect starts with your team, away games, pre season tours and depending on your team's success, national tournaments. Aside from this you will be able to take some time in either Fall or Spring semester. In the fall you have national holiday ‘Thanksgiving’ this is at the end of November where you can take four or five days to explore a new city or just soak in the American culture. In the Spring semester the weather starts to pick up and in March you have a full week away from classes and sport. This is the famous holiday also known as ‘Spring Break’. Some popular locations that College athletes and students in general like go include: Miami, Cancun, California, and South Padre, TX. Spring break will become every Student Athletes favorite holiday. The memories, experiences and good times during this week are very hard to find anywhere else. 

On returning from Spring Break, there is normally around 6 weeks left in the semester until summer break. During that period you will have three months to explore the rest of the United States, join a summer sports league or head home to see family and friends. 

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