Soccer Away game

Updated: May 7, 2020

26 Hours before kick off:

12pm: Meet in the team office for a team meeting ahead of the upcoming away game. Would spend around 45 minutes going through some footage, tactics and strategy ahead of the game.

1pm: Pre-Match training session, this is normally a much lighter session compared to regular training sessions. The team lineup would be announced before the session starts, the session would be based around team shape and tactics so each player would know their exact job whether they are starting or not.

2:30-3pm: Shower, and eat at the training facility ahead of journey.

3-6:45pm: Team bus journey towards away game location.

6:45pm: Arrive at the team hotel, check in and head up to the hotel room.

7pm: Team evening meal, this would be held in a private conference room within the hotel. Use this time to have a laugh and enjoy being around the rest of the team. Spent the whole day concentrating on tactics and plans so not much football talk will take pace at the dinner table.

8:15pm: Head back up to the hotel room for some downtime and rest before bed. Some of the lads would have brought their playstation or Xbox, so if you fancied a game of FIFA then that wouldn't be hard to find in one of the teammates rooms.

10pm: Get into bed and start to unwind ahead of gameday the following day.


8:30am: Wake up, shower and get ready for team breakfast.

9-10am: Team breakfast, make sure to fuel up with a couple of courses as this will be the last full meal ahead of the game.

10:30-11:30am: Final team meeting ahead of the game. Running over final tactics and strategies.

11:30-12:30pm: Back in the hotel room, chilling out and starting to switch on for the game ahead.

12:45pm: Leave hotel and head towards the opposition soccer stadium.

1pm: Arrive at the stadium and start getting ready for warm ups, any final preparation is done now. The team's designated DJ would have the Music on and the lads start getting into the zone.

1:15pm: Warm ups.

1:45pm: Change out of warm up tops and into a match day kit. This is where the coaches would deliver their final message before heading out for Kick off.

2pm: Kick off

4pm: Back in the changing room after a good result (hopefully). Shower, changed and some celebrations with the lads.

4:15pm: Back on the team bus and heading somewhere for the post match meal.

5-8:45pm: Team bus journey back to campus.

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