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Well as far as academics go is there really a better place to get your education? Five out of the top ten universities are placed in the United States, with four from the United Kingdom and just the one from Switzerland. The United States is a melting pot of cultures, and ethnicities. Being able to experience this for yourself is truly life changing both in the classroom, sports field and personally. While studying in the United States you will have infinite opportunities that you just would simply not have access to studying anywhere else. This includes; Top tier education, post university career options, breathtaking travelling experiences, and to be treated like a professional in your chosen sport on a daily basis right throughout your college career. 

The options for study in the United States are like no other on the planet. Depending on the students preference and own personality they can choose which would suit them best. Take the UK for example, the weather is pretty similar no matter where you are in the country with Universities mostly built within large cities or in built up towns with not much difference in physical or environmental surroundings. The United States is the complete opposite, if the Student-Athlete wanted sun all year round? Head to Florida, or California. If the Student-Athlete wants all four seasons? Head to New York or Pennsylvania. Some University campuses are even located directly on the beach or on a seperate island all together in Hawaii. The United States has 50 states, so there truly is a location and university for everyone. 

When it comes to combining both Sport and Education, there really is no place quite like the United States. Becoming a Student-Athlete is an honour by itself, being able to compete at the highest level on a daily basis, pushing your body and mind to become the best version of yourself. When joining a sports program at college you join a family. These people within that team become your family away from home; consisting of your teammates, coaches, and athletic trainers. They become friends for life and people you experience the best times of your life with.

Furthermore, the sports facilities in the United States are second to none, and can only be compared to those at professional Football clubs in the UK.


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